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City of Heavenly Fire book review.

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

The last book in The Mortal Instruments series is finally upon us and I loved it. I believe Cassandra Clare is very good at ending book series and leaving her readers satisfied.


I loved the introduction of the new characters, Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family and from the moments with them in the book I cannot wait for The Dark Artifices series.


I feel like everything that happened in this series was nicely wrapped up and although I feel like I do want more from these characters I am totally satisfied with what I got. 


I honestly thought that this book was going to be more heartbreaking and that may be because we given little bits of information that sounded as if the book was going to destroy us. There were only three times where this book made me cry and those times were when Sebastian died, when Magnus was going to give up his life, and when Simon lost his memories. Also I think there may have been a slight eye watering when Simon's memories were restored because he remembered Clary and that was important to me. 


I kinda felt that with Sebastian death we got to realize that the real Jonathan Morgenstern didn't even have a chance at life. I mostly felt bad for Jocelyn because you got to see that it must of been really hard for her and it pumped up my hate for Valentine. 


One death I didn't feel bad about though would have to be Jordan's. I feel like the lack of reaction from Maia made me feel like it wasn't that important. 


I would recommend this book, or well the whole series. Everything written by Cassandra Clare is fantastic. 

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